Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Sleeping - Ergonomic Cervical Sleeping Pillows for Neck Pain - Stress Relief

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  • Size:: Medium
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Why Do You Need A Memory Foam Pillow?
Contoured memory foam pillow can effectively relieve the pressure on your strength and back, eliminate the fatigue on your back, and keep you in a comfortable sleeping position.

Still Suffering from Neck Pain Each Morning?
This cervical pillow supports your neck, allowing you to sleep comfortably and pain free during the night. Perfect support for your head and neck, bring you a high quality sleep.


Pillow Material: polyurethane
Pillowcase Material: bamboo fiber and polyester
Item Size: 50*30*11/6cm

How to Use:
1 - Open the compression package and the pillow will return to its normal size;
2 - Put the pillow core in a dry and ventilated place for 2-3 days. Memory foam may have a little smell, but it is environmentally friendly and harmless to human body;
3 - Wash your bamboo pillowcase with cold water and air dry it before first use.

For Memory Foam Pillow:
Don’t wash your pillow and store your pillow away from direct sunlight. Sun exposure or washing can damage the structure of memory foam.
Let the pillow stand in open air for a day before first use.

For Bamboo Zippered Pillow Case:
Only hand or machine wash with cold water is recommended. Cold water will fully wash out any sweat and dirt.

Kindly Reminder:
Keep the product dry and air regularly. Proper care for the pillow will ensure a longer product life.